Today is going to be a good day. I am busy, so:

  • After wakeful night with bad head, woke finally at 7:30 to find migraine departed. YAY!
  • My North Ron rovings are on their way. YAY!
  • I completed the first chart on the Cat shawl. YAY!
  • CISRA have announced the date for the release of the first set of puzzles. YAY!
  • Sydney SUMS have confirmed Puzzle Week as 15th October.
  • The Lovely Norma has volunteered a lift to Spinning today (thank you, Norma)
  • I have some kind of yeasted product in production for spinning group (am inventing, watch this space.)
  • The Met Office suggest that the sun will come out this afternoon.
  • The chooks are starting to lay again.

Must attend to my buns! (and dust my wheel off)

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