In a daze

Yesterday was hectic. Wednesday gives only a few hours in town, so we decided to go straight to Lidl, thence to Tesco… and do anything else thereafter, if time permitted. It did not.

Lidl was OK-ish. Maybe we went round in more leisurely fashion than usual, mistakenly thinking that we had time to pace ourselves. Tesco was however awful. Grim. For reasons that are not readily understandable, we kept finding the aisle that we needed to shop in was full of staff. I mean crammed with them. Shoulder to shoulder, they were filling shelves and facing the stock. It was impossible to get in and do the shopping. What was worse was that they appeared to be following us around. I began to take it personally. Seriously, though, genuinely verging on a panic attack. It was just horrible.

Ugh. I hate shops. I loathe shopping.

I am sure that we came home without many of the things that we needed.

Anyway – we got out of the Tesco car park just five minutes before needing to be in the queue for the ferry. Land Rovers are not made for dashing. Oh, no. We were the last car in. For several minutes we were making hasty plans for what to do if we couldn’t get on. There seemed to be far too many cars, even though we had booked OK. Orkney Ferries performed their usual magic and managed to squash us in at the rear. Relief.

So, what did I come home with that could possibly interest anybody reading the blog? Well, sadly, not much. My plan had been to get some nice things for the studio but that largely went out of the window when we looked at my watch as we entered Tesco and thence to Panic Mode.

I did get a little planter arrangement to brighten things up:


and some photo frames:


but that was all.

We got home to find my Lakeland order blocking the unloading path. I shunted the boxes out of the way and left the treat for later.

Today I have been deploying the goodies contained therein. I have a new veg trolley under my desk – much less clutter on top now.

Clutter storage

Six clip lock storage boxes now hold wool rovings in colour collections on the Gorm shelving.

Colour coordination

They are going to make life so much simpler when felting. Less mess and more speed, I think. They also make it very evident that Ihave no red rovings at all. I must set that right as soon as possible.

A folding step stool now makes access to the printer and my top shelves both more safe and much easier. I have yet to investigate the laundry hanger… or to review my fleeces and vacuum pack them in the new storage bags.

The Land Rover went clackety-clack every inch of the way yesterday and so Mr L has donned his overalls and has gone to investigate. He says that whatever he finds, it will be depressing. I am therefore making him a Special Fried Rice this evening. I am even red-cooking the pork for it first.

And what of Kadril? Well, Kadril made good progress on the way to Kirkwall but began a reverse trajectory on the way home. I packed it away until I had better light to deal with it. It is proving to be remarkably difficult. It’s just a grey hairy splodge and it is almost impossible to discern the patten beneath the extravagent alpaca halo. In the dim light of the ferry it was a hopeless task.

I’ll unpick a few rows once I have some more pressing matters attended to. I have my handy  dandy daylight lamp and magnifier to help me out.


Some photos have made it into frames


Tappets have been set (again)

The wonderful Jennifer came to call and brought me a beautiful comfy chair for the studio. Thank you, Jennifer, very much. It is ideal.  I could not have done better had I hunted for weeks.

The day is galloping by. I need to prioritise what comes next. Do I sort fleeces? or finish making curtains? or tink Kadril?


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