Am I insane?

I found a little time to knit yesterday and was quite proud that I actually left the new Hap aside in favour of the matinée jacket. I quite enjoy knitting this little thing, despite the P15 tog instruction, and hope to see it make rapid progress. Tell you what, though – it’s not something that I would care to be tackling if I did not have these wonderful KnitPro Karbonz needles to hand.  I may already be quite insane in even wanting to tackle this project, but without the lovely pointy needle tips? I’d be certain to drive myself right over the edge. Especially with this softly plied yarn – apt to split and take a creative approach to stitch counts.

Purl 15 together

Purl 15 together

I have to go to town again this week. I do not intend to be purling 15 together on the boat. That way madness lies, for sure – no matter how great the needles involved. The hap is however a simple pattern, readily memorised and easily knitted. I expect to see it make good headway.

Speaking of headway, I just saw that one of our boats ran aground last week and was stranded for a couple of hours waiting for the tide to lift it from the rocks. Now that is an experience that I’d really rather no have when I am oot an’ aboot. I’m pleased I was not on board at the time.

Do you have anything as exciting as that happen when you go to the supermarket? Do tell, if you do!


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