Is it a Pie?

Lunch is in hand, puzzles are printed, it’s time to get stuck in…

Mr L wanted pie today. I was a bit stumped but arrived at the notion of a chicken/pepper/tomato confection. I was in the kitchen, cooking it off so that I could cool it in time for a lid, when Mr L came in and said oooh, that would be good with some rice… I almost screamed, seeing as it was only 9:30 and lunch was on far too early. We concocted a plan – I shunted the former pie filling into the slow cooker, to finish cooking. We are going to have some giant couscous with that.


My day is my own.

Knitting plans are firming up in my head.

Priorities are: nudge High Seas to end of repeat (I am about halfway through), do a few peaks on my cape, completely finish Lara… and then cast on Orchid Thief if I still feel the urge. If not, continue with UFO removal. But I am not going to allow myself a new cast on without finishing Lara. I need the carrot and stick approach or I’ll never get the edging done. It looks like sheer tedium. If I need a ferry project, I’ll take the Pomatomus socks.


Puzzles? Not much to say. Definitely not sorted. Six down and a lot to go. Currently 51st in the table, not that it matters. We just don’t seem to be finding many of this year’s puzzles appealing .

I’m off to fly the flag (she said, mysteriously)

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