Is it bedtime yet?

The new bedding from The Woolroom arrived today. We have just made the bed up. I was delighted to find that each item came in its own reusable cotton bag – at long last, a project bag for my Pi blanket!

The duvet feels really thin and light after the down one that we have been using. I ordered the medium weight, as we don’t suffer cold winters, nor do we enjoy hot summers. (Actually, it’s the reverse for me, I enjoy cool weather and hate the heat.) I just hope it was the correct decision.

Can’t wait for sleepy time. I am dying to test all the claims made for wool bedding and I am anticipating my best night’s sleep in years. We got the mattress topper, to help deal with the over-heating caused by the Tempur mattress. It would be wonderful to wake in the morning, not having thrown the bedding off half a dozen times in the night, only to gather it up again each time that I got cold.

The pillows are interesting. I unzipped the outer padded cover to find, not an inner case as expected, but a mass of fleece. It is possible to buy 250g lots of extra wool for additional support in the pillow, but I rather think that I can supply my own.

Still not much evidence of knitting around these here parts. I completed one of Gill’s mitts on the boat on Wednesday but have not picked a needle up since. I have been baking, and making chutney, and getting the studio back in order for tomorrow and now I need to go and mix up some pastry for mince pies.

It’s all go, no wonder I feel in need of a  good sleep. Got to  get the brain in good order, ready for Logica – just one week away now.

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