Is that a wood over there?

The trees are thinning and I think I spot the wood… which means that I am pleased with the progress being made in the Studio. So pleased in fact that I am wanting to stay home and keep the impetus up, rather than walk out to Knit & Natter after lunch. I have no knitting on hand that is suitable for chattering company, unless I take hexapuffs with me. I think I would rather be dusting shelves and arranging stock.

Today sees the November issue of the Sanday Sound out and in it is a large ad reminding folks of our presence here 2pm-4pm daily (I say “our” , meaning “us” but it only ever seems to be me…) We are having Christmas shopping promotions and the like. The problem is that today I have had to stick a sign on the door contradicting our ad and saying CLOSED for Knit & Natter.

Not good, is it?

Anyway, if you are out and about on Sanday in the next few weeks, do call in for a browse through the KnitPro stuff etc. On key dates we shall be furnishing mulled wine and warm mince pies. Homemade, of course. We shall also be at the Christmas Fair on the 2nd December. I say “we” but I may mean “Gill” – If all goes well, and I have been busy, then I’ll be wanting to put my feet up.

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