It came, it went, but do I remember seeing it?

The weekend happened, I suppose. I’m not sure what happened to it. I know there was very little in the way of knitting – all I did was to make a tiny muffler for my Benny (while I caught up with Merlin).

There was a fair bit of cooking – we had fillet steak with red wine and mushroom sauce on Saturday – following up with some simply scrumptious prunes in rum and vanilla, served with clotted cream ice cream. Divine but very much off-diet. Sunday was Tagliatelle with smokey bacon and mushrooms. I made a tomato-topped Foccaccia to mop up the oily dressing. Again, delicious.

There was more Studio rearrangement and some parcel packing but, really, I have no idea where the weekend went. There was a film involved, and some Red Dwarf, and the weekend crossword puzzle… two bottles of red wine…  a deal of battling with a recalcitrant vacuum cleaner (a new one is required)… an Approved Foods order, and another for Lakeland (which I must remember to submit!)

Not much to account for 48 hours!

Today I am working on my handspun Aestlight again. I got a little bogged down in some Customer Service earlier, so the cheese soufflé that I had planned for lunch turned into frozen prawns in a jar of curry sauce.  Something of a disappointment, really. So long as the customer was happy though, that is all that counts.

The wide drum carder returned from its first loan period today, and is ready to hire again.

We’re closed on Wednesday, both Gill and I are headed to Kirkwall. I hope that the rain holds off. My mission is to restock on fruit and salad stuffs, and to obtain the necessary for our special Christmas openings. As I am out on Wednesday I shall probably skip spinning group this week, so we can have today’s soufflé tomorrow. Unless something else crops up.

Speaking of spinning… I really must make time to do some. I am feeling the lack of it… and I have over a kilo of North Ron rovings to deal with! The light is a bit poor now for working. I am hoping that Mr L feels well enough to put my new daylight lamps in soon, though I think he may have gone into a decline after hearing today’s phone-in on Jeremy Vine’s show. It wasn’t the cheeriest listening for someone in his position, poor lamb.

The ferry is booked, ready for the next hospital visit. Time passes swiftly.

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