It did not rain today

It did not rain today. After 50 days and nights of soggy-sog-soggity-soddin’-sog. It did not rain. The sun shone. It did not rain.

I celebrated by unpinning my Leftie and soaking my Flambé, which will be pinned in its place  after tea.

Most of my day was spent in the kitchen –  baking bread, making soup, and experimenting with my Mad Scientist’s Malt Products Kit. Truly, it feels more like Chemistry than baking when such mysterious ingredients as DIAX are called for. I made Malt Loaves. Two of them.

Tomorrow is a big day – Gill and I are being kept in after school. No, not really, we are helping with an after school knitting group. Apparently we are expecting about a dozen victims.

I’ll do FO posts on Friday and spend some time on my handspun Aestlight too. Tonight is reserved for shopping… I’m away to order up some yarn for a Northmavine Hap Shawl.

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