It has taken a while – this week seems to have been a lot like wading through mud – but I have my Jubilee cardigan out and I have knitted a few rows on it.

In my head it had got further than the last photo:

Half of a long cardigan

In my head, it had reached the pockets.

In reality it had progressed no further than the last photo, or my waist. This fact is slightly depressing.


It will make progress. There really is no reason for it not to. There is no problem with it; I think I just got enticed by projects less boring.  Having handled it again, I know how much I want to be wearing it this winter. The fleece yarn is so cosy. Progress will be slow – it is plain knitting but heavy on the hands and very  unwieldy to manage. I am hoping to complete before September, but no longer sure that I can manage that. Let us see how it goes.

When I need a break from Jubilee I’ll hope to get my doily out for a couple of rounds now and again, though I may well pick up the Vanessa antiopa socks – I am still enamoured of the sock and it makes progress when it should not. The heel is turned now and the gusset half done.

As for the mud part of this week – my studio is in way better shape now than it was last weekend. Photographic sessions have taken place, though not as many as should. Parcels have been packed, a surprising number of orders came in this week and we have been kept busy. My Show 2014 box is coming together and is stashed with pattern/yarn combinations for new projects and UFOs for completion. My UFO stash itself now looks much diminished and actually fits into the laundry basket without overflow, once the Show projects are taken from the equation. My Active Projects box looks pretty empty too. This has nothing to do with project count but more actually reflects the “barely begun” nature of most of my remaining  projects.

I am beginning to feel on top of it. By the end of 2015 I might be in the clear!

For now I’ll settle for the pleasure of a tidy desk and an almost empty bench. My KAL cape is on the bench. I am determined to graft the neck and block the cape some time in the next few days. There a re a few other projects lying around in need of that finishing touch and I hope to dispense with some of those too.

You know, I am already seeing a second Snowbird (Jubilee’s proper pattern name), in handspun Jacob.

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