Just a couple of things

A couple of things that you may have missed recently:

1 – Twist Collective Fall 2013. I kept forgetting to look to see if it had been published yet. Yesterday I finally got around to looking and, there it was. Some nice things, as usual. Nothing wildly exciting for myself though.  I do like Bosun and think it would translate well to a handspun yarn. Bevel looks like a really interesting knit – no time to get bored with it, I think. The jury is still out on the  Ballast beret and mittens and I am unable to determine if I like it or loathe it. I suspect that in a different yarn it would appeal to me far more than it does in that dreadful shade of green. Silverstone may be the best thing in this edition as far as I am concerned and it looks really wearable. Svanhild is breathtaking but not at all suitable for my ample shape. In the sock department, I love Conflux. Hardanger brings out the process knitter in me and goads me with a challenge. The article on repairing cables and colourwork errors looks useful and the one on planned pooling has reminded me that I had plans to experiment with such (and the yarn was earmarked for experiments a long time ago.)
Patterns on Ravelry here

2 – Dreaming of Shetland  ” A dream-funder project for Deborah Robson. This fabulous ebook will help Deborah Robson spend the next year exploring Shetland sheep and Shetland wool. What she learns will apply to topics as small as the hats we put on our heads and as large as the global wool marketplace.”
Patterns on Ravelry here.
I may have to knit up Hunter’s mitts, Interstices.

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