Just because…

Just because I am up and doing. Just because the laundry is on and soup for lunch is in the slow cooker. Just because the dishwasher is emptied and refilled. Just because the rubbish is out at the gate and the dogs are fed and it is not yet 9am … don’t go thinking that this is anything like a New Year’s resolution in operation.

Today is however time to revisit the UFO Completion plan and that is what I shall be doing for much of today.  Last night I began to clear a space in which to work. Today I shall be turfing projects out and reviewing progress and completions and coming up with a strategy that has an eye on the Show schedule for 2013/2014. Then I’ll write an update page and maybe a post too. The post will depend much on whether there is anything of interest revealed.

Isn’t it great when everything returns to normal after the holidays? I feel such a sense of lightness and joy from knowing I have my daily framework back… heck, from being in control once more. It’s great to have the old man back at work 🙂

One down point – we did not manage to get me out for some instruction in the Land Rover over the holiday, so I am still without my complete independence. What do I have to do – beat him up before he lets me get my hands on his toy?

Northmavine Hap. Image (c) Kate Davies

Northmavine Hap. Image (c) Kate Davies

Oh, and I am having a Cast-on Crisis. I was reviewing the Colours of Shetland yesterday and looking at the Hap that Gill  likes and it occurred to me that I rather like it too. I checked the yarn requirements and costed them and they are  affordable. The problem is… I am not allowing myself new cast-ons, except maybe for the Show but  it’s not a square, so can’t be shown as a shawl, and it is over 100 gms so can’t go in that class… could I maybe call it a Triangular Scarf? I could look at the pattern and see if I can square it, spend twice as much, take twice as long away from the Completion Plan and end up with a shawl to show…

That way could lead to madness, couldn’t it?

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