Just have me put down now

Spinning Group this morning was largely dedicated to baking chat. We had a new kilo of fresh yeast to divvy up and I introduced the notion of bulk buying flour as a group. I suggested that the ladies come along and take a kilo or two of the sack that I had delivered, to see if they like it before we invest in large amounts.

Margaret came home with me to pick up two kilos. She asked how much it was. I recalled paying sixteen pounds or more for a 16 Kilo sack. I knew that I had it in my head that it was a nudge over a pound a kilo, delivered  price. Well… I looked up the invoice, and it turns out that I only paid £13 for 16 kilos! (Bacheldre Watermill Stoneground Strong Bakers White Flour 16 kg) I have no idea why, as it is listed at £17.50, but I am not grumbling!

So, there I was, with fresh yeast in hand and a freshly delivered package from Bakery Bits… I felt the need to make bread without delay. I thought that if we were to be buying lots of new flour, I really ought to clear out the old. I decided to make a whopper kilo loaf from bag ends of flour, with added seedy bits, and  use my lovely new sunshine Brotform. I found half a bag of wholemeal and some of the white bread flour that we get from the local shop. I added some malted wheat flakes from this morning’s parcel, some linseed and poppy seeds etc.

I mixed up the brew and had a quick tidy. That’s when I noticed that the wholemeal was not bread flour.

Well, something will come of it, I don’t know what. Maybe the hens will eat it.

Just shoot me.

Next time I cook, I shall wear my reading glasses.

There was knitting this morning! Just a little. It felt good. I have missed it.

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