Just start without me…

Gill and I are having a little KAL and are making Shannon Oakey’s Rivulet cardigan.  This is something that I have wanted to knit for  a long time. I purchased the pattern the day that it came out and then made a point of purchasing yarn for it. I was shocked the other day when Gill asked me to take a look at the pattern and help her out with it – (a) she has made a sneaky head start and (b) the pattern was dated 2009! Ravelry actually tells me that my stash item was created on February 7th 2009. So, yes, high time that I cracked on with it!

Gill’s Rivulet is being made in her lovely Hebridean yarn, spun for her on North Ronaldsay. Mine is in this really rather cheap and nasty coned yarn from Kingcraig.

So, Gill has cast on and is knitting away and my yarn was still on the cone.  Clearly I needed to get a skate on and so I elected to skein the yarn off this afternoon. How, was the question.

I usually wind skeins onto my umbrella swift as it has a turning handle and have previously anchored it horizontally onto a door. The door in here is hung the wrong way for me to be able to do that and the clamp would not fit my bench. It took a while but I ended up with this Heath Robinson type arrangement.


Swiftly does it

I clamped the swift to the keyboard drawer on my glass desk and mounted the cone on my Schacht lazy kate.

Things went reasonably well but I had to keep an eye open for the yarn dropping off the end of the cone – this causes the line of the yarn to drop such that it winds around the stem of the swift instead around the winding waist. Eventually I had a skein but found I could not get it off the swift…

OK How the heck did that happen?

OK How the heck did that happen?

My spatial reasoning skills are poor and reinforcements had to be drafted in before work could continue. Then I threw a wobbly when I saw all these ends!

Too many ends!

Too many ends!

As it turned out some of these ends must have been just loops. Two ends belonged to one short length of yarn which I discarded. It turned out that only one of my skeins contains a knot. I am much relieved.

I was becoming very irritated with all the back winding that occurred each time the yarn dropped and wrapped round the swift’s stem. I needed to find some way of tensioning the yarn. A guide loop of some kind. I racked my brains.

It's a dough whisk.

It’s a dough whisk.

You may laugh but I can tell you that it worked a treat and matters progressed far better after introducing my dough whisk to the operation. I did have to retrieve it between skeins in order to mix up a batch of Overnight Rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast. After a good wash it was back in action in the studio.

Waiting for the weather

Waiting for the weather

Now all that I need is a break in the weather so that I can wash and dry my skeins.

I have to confess that little knitting has been done around here in the past few weeks. Only a little spinning has occurred. I need to get my act together. I may be back on my spinning horse after spending yesterday afternoon with Jennifer. We sat at our wheels and spun along whist watching Deb Menz’s “Colorworks for Spinners” DVD. I have begun the first single for my second skein of purple 3ply. It is not spinning up as well as the first two singles did. It is actually pretty frustrating.

I am at the hospital this next week, visiting the cardiology department to see if we can find out why my heart is going tick-tock tick-tock tickety-tick-tock. I have every hope that the trip will afford opportunity to finish the Rivington Cowl.

By the way, if anybody wishes to join in on our little Rivulet Knitalong, you are most welcome.

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  1. SpinningGill 17th November 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    I’ve started a Rivulet KAL thread on the Sanday Spinners group page on Ravelry. Hopefully, this is the link. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/sanday-spinners/topics/2760460#reply_form

    • Beth 17th November 2013 at 7:22 pm #

      You’re expecting company then? 🙂

      I wanted to swatch tonight but my skeins are still soggy

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