Big thanks to trundlebug for the alert – the 4th Annual Knit Crochet Blog Week is announced as happening April 22nd – 28th. As always, it is just what Gill and I need to plant a sole on our bottoms and motivate us to post more regularly. I shall be doing my best to post daily.

knitting and crochet blog week 2013

If you don’t already blog, why not use this as the impetus that you need – sign up for a free blogging service and give it a go. It will be fun. I recommend wordpress.com – it is a far happier, simpler, prettier experience than Blogger. Plus I am around if you need any hand-holding. Once you are up and running, Eskimimi will provide you with a whole week’s worth of inspiration to blog about. Go on, come and join us! We promise to visit and read your efforts.

On the subject of knitting – guess who got her needles out last night? Nothing very exciting, I am afraid, and no progress made on the things that need to be done, but I did knit most of a hat, plus a wee wristlet. Both are demo samples for Thursday’s after school knitting group. I’m all up to date and ready to go and it is only Tuesday morning. Well done, me!


I’m keeping this short today as both keyboard and mouse went dead at the same time and I only have 1 charging cable. I am having to switch the plug between the two as required.

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