Knit Crochet Blog Week topics

Eskimimi has announced the topics for this year’s Knit Crochet Blog week (starts 12th May). They are:

  • Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day In The Life
  • Day Two (Tuesday 13th May): Dating Profile.
  • Day Three (Wednesday 14th May): Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers.
  • Day Four (Thursday 15th May): Conversations Between Workers.
  • Day Five (Friday 16th May): Something A Bit Different
  • Day Six (Saturday 17th May): Views Of Others, Views Of Yourself.
  • Day Seven (Sunday 18th May): Looking Back, Looking Forward

See Eskimimi’s blog for details

Gill is going off on her jollies again, so it is unlikely that we shall be participating here. I may do something on my own blog but will no doubt be brain-dead after this years’s MUMS Puzzle Hunt (8 places left on my team – volunteer now!) If you let us know that you are taking part in KCBW (leave your web address in the comments) we will do our best to visit and read your entries.


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