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We had news of forthcoming (Jul 1st) new products from Knitpro today. The future looks very exciting. We shall do what we can to cover as many new lines as possible. Lines that I particularly would want to see offered by Sanday Spinners include the new point protectors, Carbon Fibre needles, and sets of Cubics – including interchangeables.

The Carbon Fibre range looks particularly interesting for cotton lace knitters (aka knitting masochists) as they will start at 1.00mm. I know what I would like for my birthday now.

As always – we would love to hear from you and gain some indication of which lines we should be prioritising.

If you would like more info, please ask away…

2 Responses to “KnitPro News”

  1. Katie 2nd May 2012 at 8:44 am #

    How strong are the carbon fibre needles. I’d love to replace my metal tips with something non-metal, but in the smaller sizes they need to be strong. I ended up with the metal tips after snapping the wooden ones, and the acrylic ones…

    • Beth 2nd May 2012 at 8:57 am #

      Unknown as yet, Katie – the range doesn’t come out until July. Theory suggests that they should be very strong, hence they are able to start at 1mm. Blackthorn ( say that theirs stand up to the most demanding projects. We would hope that KnitPro would be at least as good… and with their no-quibble replacment policy, I think that I shall feel safe with the investment.

      I would certainly be happy to do a “selfless” initial purchase and do some fine cotton lace to road test them… LOL

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