Knitty and Knitting

The new Knitty is out and it includes a handsome sideways-knit  weskit in handspun yarn – and it is ideally suited to Jacob fleece. The other KnittySpin project is less than striking. Among the other patterns there is a nice man’s gansey and a little tunic top that I fancy making, plus a useful backpack. Better than the last  issue of Knitty but overall, still struggling to regain its former lustre.

Vertical Ridge Vest

Gill and I were both out and about yesterday and doing our bit for World Wide Knit in Public Week by knitting on the ferry – but then, we always knit on the ferry and its nothing new for us at all. Gill worked on her Wurm hat and I knitted on my Waves of Grain scarf on the way out and my doily on the way home. The scarf has become boring so I was pleased to be reminded of how very much I enjoy working on the doily, especially now that I have the Karbonz needles in use.

There are photographs of the ferry knitting, but I would far rather that Gill did not reveal my ugly mug to the world.

Speaking of ugly mugshots – my bus pass arrived today, along with two return ferry tickets for the crossing to Scotland. Woolfest, here I come ? Mr L pointed out that I was now free to travel to Aberdeen, for free. I’d really rather not. Thank you. I prefer to stay home with my spinning wheel.  Speaking of which, I should have the second of 4 singles from my Ashford sliver completed today and plied tomorrow.

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