Life in the slow lane

My back is improving still – I managed to feed the dogs, empty the dishwasher and refill it this morning before feeling that I must sit down. I may be able to sit at my wheel soon. That would be good.

Everything here seems to be happening in slow motion. It’s turgid. Lots of effort going in, very little coming out. I made a few rows progress on my High Seas yesterday  but felt so overwhelmingly tired that I did not really want to be doing anything. I managed to clean one of three cat trays… can’t say that my heart was in it.

I need some get up and go, and soon. This dilatory approach to life bores me, I cannot begin to imagine what it must do to you, my dear blog.

In short, nothing to show and nothing to tell.

We solved the third of four puzzles last night. It was not very satisfactory – we reached the answer by a lateral route process of analysis outside the puzzle as set. The answer had to come from a very limited set of options and was easy to spot when reviewing those possibles.

Remaining to be done: the paper shuffling puzzle. We seem unable to resolve it.

Currently 39th of 200 registered teams, with 92 teams on the scoreboard so far. Not our best year, I think.

BTW, if they were giving prizes for the best team name, I’d nominate: Undergrad Overgrad Puzzling Free

Whoops… there goes an earworm! I shall follow it hence to the kitchen, where I shall concoct a lovely Shepherd’s Pie with a parsnip top. Glazed carrots and peas with that? Some nice gravy? I’ll pick up some rubbish along the way…

Probably a few more rows of High Seas today, or a few hexapuffs. My ability to concentrate seems low just now. I wish I could cast something new on and add a little zest to my life but, having done so well this far on my project diet, I am disinclined to fall from the wagon. Maybe I’ll delve into the heap and see if anything excites my interest. Maybe the Pomatomus socks.

I noticed that Room at The Top is on the iPlayer. I’ve just got a  Kindle copy to (re)read.  Will viewing it first spoil my reading? Will reading it first spoil my viewing? Will memories of Laurence Harvey get in the way of both and should I leave well alone?

PS my latest sample knits are being primped as we speak, in readiness for their photo shoot next month. I cannot reveal much but one is blue, the other is a glorious golden brown and both are for the extremities. Knitters Curiosity Cabinet 2 coming, not very soon but in the fullness of publishing time.

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  1. Hunter 27th September 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    It seems *awfully* soon when I think about the list of things that need to go from ‘nowhere near done’ to ‘all the way done’ before the book arrives. Alarmingly soon. Almost panic inducing really…

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