Like a donkey

That cardigan appears to be bringing out my stubborn streak. I am knitting through the pain. Things go very slowly as the garment becomes ever more unwieldy but, despite all protestations regarding resting it, the cardigan continues to grow. I may end up feeling rather proud of myself. The pockets are all but done now, so an end is actually in sight, and almost certainly within reach. I feel quite joyful about this. This dogged approach is keeping me from the wonderful Vanessa antiopa socks. I may have to plan a shopping trip in order to make headway on those.

Gill and I were delving into my stash of rovings this week. It has made me itch to be spinning but I really think that I should complete the cardigan before having a treat. If I do not manage to keep up a head of steam on the cardigan, I might find myself casting on for the Rivington. That should not happen, not until the socks are done. I only need one ferry project at a time!

I need to keep checking back against the plan, in order to keep matters under control. Focus must be retained in the UFO area as much as possible, and not on exciting new projects!

Here’s a reminder (for my use, mainly) of the UFO hit list:

  1. Cardigan: The Jubilee cardigan
  2. Cotton Lace 1:  Valborg
  3. Scarf 1: Kadril
  4. Shawl 1: Windswept
  5. Item from 100g 1: Fair Isle Mittens – learning to knit with both hands
  6. Item from 100g 2: Lisianthus
  7. Scarf 2: Autumn Arbor
  8. Cotton Lace 2: Hannelore
  9. Headwear 1: Current hat design Project
  10. Shawl 2: Evenstar

Number 1 is, as we know, in progress and taking priority. I am reminded however that I have done but a couple of rounds on Valborg since I drew up the plan and that nothing has been done on number 3 yet.

Trying to keep a grip on things: my 7 day plan to next Wednesday is…

A – complete the Jubilee project

B – knit some more Valborg doily, even if only a round or two.

C – make an effort to find out where I am up to with Kadril

D – take the Vanessa antiopa socks for a ride to town – with the aim of coming home with a sock completed (am still mid-gusset)

E – resist, resist, resist casting on the Rivington Cowl until Kadril is well under way.

Part E of the 7 day plan is more like a 21 day plan, but you know what I mean I am sure.

Perhaps it is a good job that the Ashford sliver that we ordered is out of stock and is delayed. I might have been led from the path of good sense and into the oncoming juggernaut of a nice laceweight handspun… Then again, the E-Spinner should be here any day now and will need testing and reviewing… I think Gill had best take the first turn with that! Perhaps she can try it for a bulky spin and I can test its speed for lace.

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