Little things

I’ve just got my hands on a pair of KnitPro “Nova” metal tipped fixed circular needles. We do not carry these yet, so when I wanted a longer needle for my Hannelore, I bought a set via eBay. It seemed like a good idea to evaluate the Novas and determine whether we wish to stock them.

I’ve had the KnitPicks version of the Nova DPN set for years. I liked knitting with them a great deal but they are very slippery and apt to lose stitches off the end and I have come to realise that I prefer the security of a wooden dpn. One day soon I shall treat myself to a complete set of Symfonie DPNs, or perhaps I shall wait until KNitPro bring out a set of the Cubics.On th eotehr hand, I could continue with the Novas and just treat myself to one of these DPN holder sets to keep my stitches safe:

89-04086-21885-9 DPN holders

89-04086-21885-9 DPN holders

I also have (and we stock) the wonderful 40cm Nova straight needles. They are my go-to needles for triangle shawls etc. as I can get loads of stitches on them and, being so slick, the knitting is really fast. The points are sharp and great for lace knitting and the length means that I can tuck under my arm with no difficulty at all.  I fact, I shall be popping my KAL cape onto Nova straights on Thursday and leaving it there for as long as they will accomodate the stitches. I’m eager to see just how long they will cope. I shall report back.

So, I was well primed for the fixed circulars – and I was not disappointed!

Pointy and shiny

I have just been knitting and photographing a sample for Friday’s Magic Socks course. The new needle arrived yesterday and was handy on my desk. I would not normally knit socks on 2mm but I thought I would try it and see. Even though I am working with a fairly heavyweight sock yarn, it knitted up with such ease on the fine needles. I was amazed. Better still, the shiny-shiny surface meant that pulling the stitches up to halve them for the loop, and pulling the loop round, was a total breeze.

Quick and easy.

I may be a convert, you know. I may begin knitting my socks on Novas instead of Symfonies. At least I cannot wait to transfer the Hannelore onto the new needles, to see how it goes. The current set (HiyaHiya, I think) are not good at all. The thread snags every single time that I draw the loop through. It has been driving me nuts.

I had other plans today, mainly involving chilling out and spinning on my wheel. Now I am so tickled with these wee needles that I want to test them on anything and everything! Little things please little minds, I suppose. But first, more work to prepare for Friday. It seems never-ending.

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  1. Katie 16th April 2012 at 6:38 am #

    I knit all my socks on the metal tipped fixed circulars. Fabulously quick, and you can pull both tips through leaving the stitches on the cable so you don’t risk stitches falling off the needle.

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