Living in hope (but little expectation)

I am giving Spinning Group a miss today. The reason? Well, DHL finally called me yesterday and they said that the KnitPro package would be collected some time today. I can assure you that there is no way that I shall be leaving the premises unless I have seen that parcel go!

Confidence levels are low – especially since the person that called me yesterday claimed, when I vented my spleen about the appalling service, that the request for pickup had only been received on Friday of last week.

When I said that was untrue and asked, if it was so, how they had left messages on the incorrect phone number weeks ago?

The response was a corker – “Well, this is not my work file…”

Oddly, had I been that person, my response to the very cross customer at this end would have been “I am terribly sorry. Let me look in to it and I will get back to you immediately.” But that’s a concept called Customer Service, of which DHL seem to have little if any comprehension.

So, the saga rumbles onward. I hope very much to be able to report back by tea-time that the needles have gone and that we can at last start to hope for some replacements before the end of the century.

At least this hanging around has given me time and space in which to complete the samples and pack them up ready to send to Hunter. That is a huge weight off my mind.

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