Lucky me

I  have come into possession of 700 metres of yarn from Blacker Designs. It is an Organic blend of Corriedale with 17% Alpaca and is simply gorgeous. The colour is described as corriedale/alpaca4rosegrey and if it were not such a grim day today I might be able to see it to describe it, or better still offer you a photograph. However… let us go for “darker and warmer than oatmeal – but only just”.  Of course it landed here just at a time when my fingers are itching to do something new. The moment that I opened the parcel, I sat at my desk and began looking at patterns. I was seeking something simple, with textural elements.

The lead contender right now is a lace scarf by Leila Raabe, from Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft Collection: Thayer but only because of the yardage and the fact that it is showable. I lean more towards Ysolda’s Marin really, as I have the pattern – but it would use just a tad over half my yarn and leave me unable to complete a second for a gift.

Another possibility would be Leftie – not a textured piece but which looks like great fun, and an opportunity to use up some sock leftovers… but only uses 6oo metres. Pair of mitts to match?

Any suggestions?

A more than usually complicated meeting schedule is going on in the office today and so I am missing spinning group and staying home to feed my Mr L. Perhaps I’ll cast something on, just to compensate… after I have served the haggis.


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