Lumpy Bumpy

The topic for discussion today is not as you might expect from the title,  spinning yarn. No, it’s my knee. My poor red and purple knee. I took a wee tumble yesterday, banging my left knee and pulling my right hamstring. Adequate first aid measures mean that I am far more mobile today than I deserve to be but I am considering not going to town tomorrow. To be truthful, the worst of the pain today is in sitting but I am very wary of putting too much strain on the knee by wandering around Kirkwall for hours.

The matinée jacket came in under the wire yesterday afternoon and it would have been great to go and source buttons and ribbons tomorrow. Ah well, Fate intervened.

I am going to pick up the Rainstorm Shawl where I left off and push that to a finish now. I’m hoping to complete it in a week but it’s a fairly faint hope at this stage as I rather get the feeling that the coming weekend is to be spent in tearing down some partition walls!

Marshall’s have got back to us with a very reasonable quote for the range that we want and that proposition looks likely to be realised now. It’s very exciting. It does however signal an extended period of works and there is likely to be little “me” time in the months to come: knitting, blogging and cameras look set to take a back seat. As far as I can tell at this stage it looks like the plan goes:

  • Research Building Regs
  • Find suitable contractors and book them in.
  • Rip out walls and tear up floor tiles, assess how much re-flooring is required.
  • Move electrics
  • Fit new windows (5) and doors (3)
  • Remove old kitchen cupboards
  • Prepare floor and wall for fitting range
  • Re-jig plumbing
  • Fit range
  • Insulate and line walls
  • Decorate as required
  • Fit new floor
  • Re-line ceiling, if necessary
  • Fit new kitchen
  • Relax

We’re not yet sure about the dependencies and sequence. I probably need a Gantt chart and a Critical Path Analysis (which must surely include R&R and Knitting Time?)




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