Magic Socks: Casting on to knit the magic loop

This is the accompanying resource for Week 1 of the Magic Socks Course.

Please click the images for a large scale view.

Cast on to one end

  • Use a circular needle of at least 100cm/32” length. Look for a needle with a flexible cable, and a smooth join between the cable and needle tip.
  • Cast all stitches on to one needle tip.
  • Use a stretchy cast on method.

I like to cast on using the Long Tail method, to two tips held together, so that my cuff is not too tight.

Pull the tip out so that the stitches sit on the cable

(Pull one tip out, if casting on to two held together as above)

  • Pull the needle tip forward and out of the stitches, so that the stitches sit on the cable.

Pull a loop of cable out between the centre two stitches

  • Find the midpoint by counting half the stitches off.
  • Pull out the cable between the centre two stitches.
  • This is the MAGIC part of the loop

Use the tip of one needle point to help pull out the centre loop.

Pull the stitches up ready to knit

  • Pull on the loop to lengthen it.
  • As you do so, move half the stitches up on to one point, the other half onto the second point.
  • Designate the point with the yarn attached as the BACK needle
  • The other point is the FRONT needle
  • Leave the stitches on the FRONT needle in situ
  • Pull out the BACK needle to provide the WORKING loop

Join for working in the round

  • Ensure that the stitches are not twisted – check to see that all the purl “bumps” are orientated towards the inside of the ring.
  • Join the loop by knitting the first stitch on the FRONT needle
  • Yank the yarn well to ensure that the join is tight
  • Work the first few stitches with both the working yarn and the yarn tail held together
  • Work in rib, if desired

See handout for methods of joining the round.

Leave yarn tail attached while you work – it makes a  handy reminder of where the round commences.

The Magic Loop in progress

Your loops may not be as long as these are shown to be. I was using a needle length of 120cm in this instance but normally would use a 100cm needle to make socks.

Download a PDF copy of these notes: ML Cast On