There is a rift in the space-time continuum. I think it lies beneath my desk. It must do. Yesterday I continued The Great Frogging Session and I reached into the red carrier bag on my desk that held the Pinecone Scarf.. and pulled out a half-knitted Turn A Square hat! That hat did not exist before. I swear it was not there when I reviewed my UFOs.

The Project count is now up to 31. I am doing my best not to slump into a depression.

I shall add the Turn A Square to the list of projects for quick completion. At least it wasn’t a circular shawl. That would have been dreadful.

I’d best heal this rift swiftly, I can’t be doing with any more materialisations on my desk.

Liberated yarn

While I was frogging projects over the weekend I was wondering what I might make from the liberated yarn. I had to give myself a good kicking in order to remind me that this was not the purpose of the exercise.

The jar is filling up, slowly

  • Hexapuff count = 19
  • Points on bottom edge of KAL cape = 15
  • Yarn recovered = 750g
  • Spinning done = nil

Faggoting, for Gill’s benefit

I am blaming the slow progress entirely on the wonderful weather.



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