Me and the Needle

It is established I believe, that yours truly is pretty nifty with the old knitting needles. Sadly this skill is not matched when it comes to the kind of needle with a point at one end and an eye at t’other. Making up garments is one of my major weaknesses and I can easily spoil a piece of careful knitting with my ham-fisted attempts at stitching.

So, although I was initially delighted to find that I had already attached half of my cardigan collar, it was with a sinking heart that I assessed the stitching. Make no bones about it – it was dire. I have little patience with a needle so I can tell you that it is entirely uncharacteristic of me to have unpicked the collar in order to begin again.

I should probably feel pretty proud of myself and this display of crafting backbone. Unfortunately I simply feel depressed at having doubled the task facing me.

Just chat among yourselves – I may be gone for some time. The swear box is at hand.

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