Mid-week slump

I was expecting to feel energised after my break and to be full of get up and go. Instead I find myself feeling depressed, demoralised and defeated.

You know what happens when I feel this way? I cast on.

Must not.

Must NOT!

I have huge piles of wet washing lying around the place and I am looking out of the window and wondering if it would be worth the effort of lugging it all outside and pinning it out, or if the rain will come along so quickly that the effort would be pointless. In the meantime, I seem to be wasting what little good weather we may see today.

There is not a lot going on in the kitchen either – it’s “use stuff up” day today. I looked to see what was wilting fastest and declared the best course of action to be Ratatouille. An elderly aubergine has been chunked and salted – tomatoes, onions, GARLIC, and courgettes have been gathered. I planned to serve the vegetable stew with some couscous and  a little lamb. Mr L has issues with lamb cutlets, so I dug a bunch of them out of the freezer and they are thawing in readiness for trimming. In fact I plan to take just the medallions and throw the rest out.

The full plan involved marinading the medallions in a little Harissa before throwing them at a very hot cast iron griddle. (That’ll make your eyes water!) Of course, I find that I have run out of Harissa and don’t  have all the items that I need to make my own. One of the few times that I actually miss living in Civilisation… and being able to nip out to an ethnic supermarket at whim.

What do you think – a little oil, GARLIC, cumin, coriander and lemon? Chilli?

Treacle is on the windowsill, asking to come in. He must have tired of starlings and voles, and he is missing the sun. I shall let him in to sleep with Teddy in the Conservatory. Both will demand that I turn the sun back on, with immediate effect. No can do. Sorry.

What is on the cards for today? I am not sure, Last night saw progress on my Tunisian Crochet blanket and I enjoyed doing that, so I may do some more this afternoon. I want to do a daily session on my cape edging, even if only two or three points. Apart from that, little fires me. I really am suffering the doldrums.

Please, do not let me start a new project!


Anyway, speaking of projects, I do believe (addled as I am after a Bank Holiday) that today is WIP Wednesday?

Here’s the blanket. It’s very curly so I pinned it out to show it off a little better. It’s a shame that I can’t capture the feel of it for you – it’s so cushy and light and soft.

Stash-buster Blanket I Don’t Do The C-thing. I am using three colour groups, as per the recipe from Stitch Diva: Greys, Browns/Beiges, Greens

And, speaking of soft…

Ladies Circular Cape in Shell Pattern Cloud 9

This cape just makes me smile every time that I see it. It is such a little piece of nonsense!

And now I really must go dig the eyes out of a few lamb cutlets…


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