High Seas is taxing me. I have pondered on it for a while and considered various options:

  1. Give up and frog it.
  2. Set a daily goal of 1 repeat and be done in a week (1 repeat = 120 stitches by 40 rows)
  3. Set a daily goal of half a repeat and be done in under two weeks
  4. Set a more realistic goal of three days to a repeat.
  5. Put it to bed for a while

It is worth noting that High Seas is not a fast knit. Not for me, at least. I am using straight needles to keep productivity up but there is a lack of rhythm across the row and the work feels fiddly. There are some patternings on every reverse row too. No, not a speedy knit.

No 1 is NOT an option. I am determined to complete a High Seas at some point. This is my fourth attempt and the best so far and I truly believe that the yarn and the pattern are working OK together this time.

No 2 is my preferred option, or would have been at one time not so long ago. I could face six days of knitting on this one project alone. That would not overwhelm or depress me.

No 3 is moving towards the iffy. Two weeks of looking at only one project? Hmm…

The trouble I have in making my plan is this: I added a further twelve rows to my three finished repeats yesterday and my hands told me that was quite sufficient for one day.

So, No 4 seems far more realistic but I know I shall go mad if I take so long over it. Well, maybe I won’t actually spring a mental gasket but I will certainly be falling off the wagon and casting on at every opportunity!

No 5 is looking ever more attractive and yet… and yet… there is something inside me urging me on. It’s partly my stubbornness and not wishing to be defeated, and partly the need for another tick. High Seas is the best candidate for an early tick, or would be if I could manage a repeat a day. I just don’t think that I can. Even if my hands held up to it, the 12 rows that I did yesterday took me over 2 hours. If I spent 8 hours a day knitting for a week, there’d be no lunch and no clean clothes. All the same, I am not quite ready to place the thing into full hibernation – I fear that I would never pick it up again and the aim just now is to be reducing the UFO count not adding to it.

There is one more complicating factor. The pattern is written for 9 repeats. I think that is quite short. I am using my handspun and would quite like to get the most from it, so I shall almost certainly want to lengthen the scarf when I come to that point, and that throws all the calculations right out of the window.

As I write this, I find myself formulating a sixth option. A kind of planned drowsy state. Not a full sleep, but a lengthy lie-in. It means I shan’t see a tick for some time, but does free me up for a less arduous task.

I won’t put High Seas to bed. Neither shall I urge it to an early finish. I shall apply a minor discipline, involving one full repeat a week. With a suitable choice of project companion for the in between times, I should be able to avoid the desire to cast on. The High Seas will eventually terminate, without breaking my will first, and should be completed for the end of year revisiting of The Plan.

A look at all my sensible project prioritisation has resulted only in a total emotional rejection of the common sense route. I have a gut feeling about the project that I wish to be working on.

First things first, though – I  have one Who? hat to complete for commission and I also need to make a pair of mitts for Mr L. I’ll shove the High Seas along to the end of repeat 4 by the end of the weekend if all goes well.

We are heading for a crisis point, by the way. The new Schedule for our local annual Industrial Show will be published at the beginning of December. The desire to check the Knitting classes and make plans for July is going to be overwhelming. I really need not to succumb to lots of new projects. I cannot abandon the Project Diet for the thrill of New Stuff. Hopefully I shall have UFOs to fit the Schedule and when I review the Diet at the end of the year I can re-prioritise with it in mind. A whole new list to tick. Goody. I may be developing tickomania.

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