The mindless of today’s title is in fact myself. My brain has gone walkabout; I know not where. It’s partly the beta blockers that I am taking, partly a poor night’s sleep as I have the Holter monitor attached to my person, and quite a lot to do with the fact that I have not yet showered today (see Holter Monitor, attachment of). Should Holter have an umlaut? I’m guessing that it might.

The mindless of today’s title is also to do with my knitting. I cast on for my Rivulet cardigan on Monday night in order to take it on the ferry on Tuesday. It turned out to be the perfect piece of mindless knitting and I made considerable progress despite my total absence of mind. What was most surprising is that I am loving the way that the yarn is knitting up – all these years it has sat there unloved because it looked unpromising and now I find that it knits beautifully! It grows very quickly too.

One of the side effects of the beta blockers that I reported to the hospital yesterday is a ludicrous degree of lassitude. That’s a posh (polite) way of saying that I really cannot be arsed with anything at all at the moment. They told me that feeling lasts for about a month… and comes back for another month each time my dosage increases. What joy! Anyway, that explains why we have no photograph of my Rivulet. I leave you instead with something more seasonal:


Reindeer at Wm Shearer's

Reindeer at Wm Shearer’s

Not frequently observed in Kirkwall.

The new Knitty is out. Once again, I find it less than overwhelming. Could that be my general mental lassitude… or are the designs really dull? I am intrigued by Franklin’s plaid cowl and may have a stab at that some time. Also, I am drawn to Lempster.

It’s by Norah Gaughan, how could I not like it?

Parhelion almost cuts the mustard but I prefer a longer sweater. I haven’t looked in detail yet to see if lengthening would be an option.

Have you had a peek at Knitty yet – which patterns do you like?

Only an hour to go now – then I can rip my wires off and grab a refreshing shower before lunch. Can’t wait. These sticky patches are so very itchy.

GP tomorrow and back to town on Friday. It’s all go. Hopefully Rivulet will grow some more on the way to Kirkwall, though I shall have Mr L for company. He’s on his holidays for weeks and weeks from Thursday. My routine will be disrupted… and there is treasure to be hunted too. I’ll pop in from time to time though and hope to have progress to report on something… anything… if only I can be arsed.

Oh, I should add that all bets are off if my pooter fails. It is very sick indeed. It may be terminal. I am encountering bad sectors on bootup almost daily, despite extensive disk-checking and repair.  The very worst aspect is that files are being corrupted in my photo directory (eep!) … and the backup software will not run, so I have no backups. Plans are afoot to either send for parts or to acquire a new machine. I cannot begin to tell you how very much I hate a new install. I am not even sure that my brain could cope with it at this time. If the worst comes to the worst I shall be offline for a while.

If I don’t see you, I shall be here in spirit. Do have a wonderful festive season, whatever your persuasion.  I shall enjoy my personal humbuggery and will some day return refreshed. Sooner? Later? Who can tell. Let me share my personal mantra: Just keep knitting and spinning and all will be well.

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