During yesterday’s tidying I managed to fit all the remaining UFOs into one storage bin. What a feat! Remember when it all looked like this? A laundry basket, two skips, one large shopping basket and a shopping bag.

Well, now it is all inside the laundry basket and the lid closes easily. When I say “all”, I mean all of the UFOs not currently in active progress – they are now in the smaller of the two skips and kept to hand so I can select one at whim when I wish to knit. The Tunisian Crochet blanket occupies it’s own hessian shopping bag as project bag, due to its size and all the assorted yarns that I need to keep with it.

While I was sorting and tidying, I picked up the project bag with my handspun Aestlight in it. The centre was made and the contrast yarn made and skeined. I realised that it was just exactly the mindless knitting project that I need to have handy. I sat last night, picking up the loops and adding the first section of the border, before making a start on the Bird’s Eye Lace section using the contrast yarn.

Teddy’s Tweed

It is all going very well indeed, apart from the recognition that I have left myself short of the Teddy’s Tweed. I may have to ask Jean if she can spare more of the carded Shetland in the colours that I used for the original yarn. If not, I’ll modify the design a little.

Speaking of mindless knitting – I produced all of two and a half Hexapuffs at Knit and Natter yesterday. The total of puffs is now 34.5. That blanket is not going to be finished any time soon. I strung the first 30 puffs together yesterday and hung them up in the studio.

I’m going to keep stringing them in bundles of 30 as that is the number that conveniently fills the glass jar where I am keeping the puffs as I produce them. They should decorate the place nicely until such time as the blanket can be made.

Puff Store

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