A mis-Hap

It seems to me that I should never review my knitting plans nor make schedules for completing UFOs. It appears that every time that I do so some part of me rebels instantly and… hey presto, there is a new project in my life!

Thus it is that having shown good intentions only yesterday, a new cast-on immediately emerged. It’s odd because a very large part of me actually wants to get to grips with the matinée jacket but all the same, I’m making Kate Davies’ new Hap for Harriet. It’s purple (ish) and is going to be wonderful.

I had gone stash-diving when I saw the pattern in Kate’s blog and I found a skein that was unlabelled. I think it may be Erica from The Yarn Yard. Anyway, it’s a lovely blend of amethyst shades with steely greys plus a little touch of teal-ish (or maybe it’s more of a cyan) blue. It’s a very simple garter stitch shawl and ideal for showing a variegated yarn to best effect. How could I not cast on last night?

I made a little progress, about 4 pattern repeats  but still find myself torn between the new-and-exciting and the somewhat-dull-but-easily-containable matinée jacket (even with its Purl 15 together rows!)

It’s Spinning Group day today, though I am not certain that I shall go. I’m feeling a little under the weather today. I had started to feel a bit “off” last night and ended up having a very poor night. Today I have pushed myself and got all my duty jobs done – the rubbish is out, the bread is made and a pasta bake is ready to pop into the oven for lunch.  I can’t decide if I feel up to a walk out or indeed if a walk out  would perk me up. I’m just feeling a bit… blah. More inclined to sit quietly at home with my knitting than I am to join in some group chatter.

It could just be birthday blues. I’m not keen on birthdays. It suits me just fine that Mr L gave me a present in advance and cooked dinner for me on Saturday, then gave me breakfast in bed yesterday –  so today is a no-fuss day. Just the way that I like it.

There is an hour to lunch. I think that I might do one pattern repeat on the matinee jacket and save the new shawl for this afternoon.



I’ll hold this post until my batteries have charged, then I can maybe get a shot of the mis-Hap in progress.

A Hap for Beth

A Hap for Beth

I'm sure it won't take long to finish...




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