Mixed fortunes

Today saw very little knitting. Uncharacteristically, I launched myself at some housework instead. The nasty kind of housework that involves dust in places rarely visited and hands-and-knees attention. I have no idea what came over me. I also spent considerable time with a trial download of PaintShop Pro X5. The evaluation process needs to be speedy, there  is a discount offer closing at the end of this month.

I did manage to finish the Who? hat, and Gill came to review it. We elected to rip it back and lengthen it or to reknit it slightly larger all over. I’ve frogged it as far as the start of the crown shaping and left it while she decides what to do. In whichever event, we decided that it has so many changes from the pattern that it is not a Who? hat at all. It is now an Owl Hat a là Sanday Spinners, and I have re-named the pattern as Twhit.

I’ve done a half a chart on the Heliotaxis shawl and then totally surprised myself by frogging the thing. The pattern and the yarn were not marrying satisfactorily. I decided that a timely divorce would make for a happier future for all three of us. It’s funny, I didn’t even really give it any thought, I just found myself pulling it from the needle. I wasn’t cross or exasperated, nothing like that. It was just a  “something’s wrong” moment and my gut and my Muse took over.

There will be another Heliotaxis in the future but I don’t feel the need to make an issue of it at this time.

UFO count now  = 20

In fact I am swanning around, unsure of what to do with myself knitting-wise right now. I definitely need something to balance the High Seas and my inner knitter is suggesting some nice vanilla socks. Ridiculous! She can shut up right now. I don’t need them. I agree with her that I require mindless knitting, but more socks? No!


Oh yes… Lara is dry. She is over-large and suits me not one whit. One for wearing on dark nights only. Whatever made me think that I might wear red next to my face? Madness.


2 Responses to “Mixed fortunes”

  1. SpinningGill 28th October 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Weren’t you going to knit Himself some mitts?

    • Beth 29th October 2012 at 9:59 am #

      I was/am but that’s just a quick afternoon’s activity and not worth scheduling

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