It is Monday, the start of the working week, and I am trying very hard to discipline myself and do work-type things. It is  difficult however, as the fantastic weekend weather continues.

It’s a bit breezier, so the laundry that I have out on the line is drying brilliantly. Unfortunately I feel compelled to put further loads on… rather than do the things that I really want to be doing.

The workroom is still in upheaval after the Open Studio at the beginning of the month and I have spent some time this morning in attempting to restore order. It is such a depressing business, and such hard work, when everything has to be moved from pillar to post, and then back again. I cannot wait to get my new studio!

Alas, the new studio may be delayed. If Mr L’s leg does not heal very rapidly, then it makes no sense to take leave in June and get stuck into DIY tasks as planned. He’s not going to be up to much – the GP says it may take 6 weeks for the muscle to heal…

This does not stop me dreaming and make plans! I have my eye on some second hand furniture that will help to populate my new space and I am already considering paint jobs and hand-knitted or woven throws.

I am behind on my sock completion tasks. I don’t care. I spent my weekend with my spinning wheel, attempting to maintain equanimity while Mr L bemoaned his condition and his inability to prepare the Land Rover for its MOT test. I just kept my head down and smiled at my fun yarn. It’s sparkly!

One more batt of the sparkly stuff has just made its way into the conservatory after I skeined off yesterday’s plying. I am trying my best not to sit down and spin it just yet. Further progress has to be made on the workroom as I need to restore its other function, as a photographic studio. I have to take some photographs of stock and a whole stack of model railway stuff, due to be eBayed. I’m lacking a bulb for my daylight spot too. *sigh*

Must get on – there is laundry to do, pasta bake to manufacture, sock course materials to write, sock samples to knit and others to complete… and some reward spinning waiting for me. I’ll tackle that last this evening, with a glass of sherry by my side. I shall have earned it.

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