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I am no weather expert but my prediction for the 25th is that Mr L, the dogs, and myself will not be going anywhere very much. The five day forecast takes us up to Sunday 23rd December. It shows 5 days of strong winds from the SE with gusts today up to 55mph. The winds increase gradually in strength through to Sunday, when the Met Office are predicting gusts approaching 70mph. This all comes with a measure of rain too, of course.

So, even if the winds suddenly calm for Christmas, the going will not be good.I think that we will be restricted to a beach on the leeward side. If the wind remains in the SE, that presents a challenge.

I shall do my prep anyway and today is earmarked for making puff pastry. Mr L likes a festively flavoured sausage roll in his picnic. The onion chutney to go in the Wensleydale sandwiches is already made, and the rolls for the sandwiches are nestled in the freezer. Apart from assembling and baking the sausage rolls the night before, all that I have to do is to knock up a handful of mince pies for our al fresco meal.

Thinking  Positive. It might work.

Should positive thinking not prevail, we shall light the fire and picnic in the sitting room while we wait for that time when Dr Who can be downloaded on the iPlayer.

Our low key approach to the season should mean that there is ample time to knit and spin. I am looking forward to that, so little has been done recently – though I do have an FO to report on Friday!

The Logica ath will take some time away from craftier pursuits. It is going well for the moment and we have, for the first time ever, identified most of the images in the 12 page booklet.  95% at least… if you count the ones labelled tentatively as “for use on the ground when locating the treasure.” The 61 questions are harder, with about 20 answered with reasonable confidence and work progresses slowly on the remainder. We hope to get together with Mr & Mrs SpinningGill for an evening of treasure seeking, perhaps 4 brains will lever out some ideas between them. If anybody wants to join in, no matter how little or remotely, just let me know. We would be glad to have you on the team.

So, those are my plans – knitting, spinning, walking, puzzling. If I have any spare time this holiday, I shall be in the kitchen, teaching Mr L the dark arts of Dough.

Oh, dear. I just remembered. There will be Shopping. A Big Shop, with the Land Rover. Then there will be Anniversary Dinner to think about.

Maybe my time is not so much my own, after all. I do hope that I get some spinning done!

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