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Got up today to find no orders. This is a good thing as a walk to the Post Office is the last thing that I felt like.

Not much to tell today, the weekend having been largely a non-event. The problem was that somewhere around Thursday last week I actually mentally congratulated myself on not having had a migraine in ages. The inevitable happened, and a general feeling of malaise on Saturday suppressed energy levels and then developed through Sunday from the fumbling clumsy stage, when I knew for sure, into a full scale migraine attack with all the unpleasant effects that I really see no need to share.

So. Not much done. Despite extreme clumsiness I managed to fashion two perfect little quiches for our main meal. I filled them with caramelised onions, chorizo and cherry tomatoes with herbs, and I used mascarpone for the rich custard. Mr L asked for a pasta salad to go with that, so that is what he got.

Today I will pull the cooker out and look for my ceramic baking beans, which I managed to scatter down the back when baking the tart cases (onion pastry, with herbs and parmesan added, lovely.) I used bread flour for the pastry, which I should not, but it worked OK. I find the onion bread flour so useful – I made crispy cheese soup dumplings with it the other day and they were v scrummy too.

I get my flour from our wonderful shop, Shearer’s, in Kirkwall – but it’s available on the web too. Wessex Mill, highly recommended. Flours with provenance! I have plans to work my way along Shearer’s shelf now. The onion is very tasty and produces wonderful results. I have high hopes of the other types.

I don’t know why I am recommending them, they don’t deliver here and that kind of thing makes me v cross, as we know.

Knitting? Well, most of Saturday was spent thinking I needed new glasses as wherever I seated them, I simply could not see right. I should have known…

Funny vision made dealing with the Cat shawl difficult. It took me a long time to tink back to where I needed to go after finding TWO more large holes. I really must concentrate  harder when I work on Cat; the fact that it is so easy makes me lazy, I suspect. Anyway, it got fixed eventually… just before the lights went out on Saturday and despite my headache yesterday I made some forward progress. There are lifelines in it now (too late, as always) so there will probably be no more mistakes. 🙂  One repeat of the first chart remains to be done.

  • Weekend hexapuff report: 24
  • KAL cape: no progress all week
  • Spinning: no progress all week
  • Lara hat: picked up, increased, set up ready for the next chart

Speaking of spinning, I am going to have to get a skate on. I’ve heard from North Ron and the rovings that I asked for are ready for delivery.  I have to let them know whether I want them posting, or popping on the boat. I kind of wish that they were here now. Spinning would help me get rid of the migraine.

I am going to have to consider some bobbin arrangement if I am to spin a sweater’s worth of yarn. Time to purchase a bobbin winder and some plastic bobbins?

As I am still feeling fragile, I think we shall have soup today. Probably butternut squash.

Back tomorrow, hopefully more perky by then. Gill is off gallivanting again, if you have any queries for the shop, might as well send them straight to me. I’ll crank Skype up. I keep forgetting, since I took it out of my startup group (it was trying to connect before my PC had a network connection and that slowed my boot up sequence down considerably.)

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