Needs must

It is another glorious day today. Alas, I must spend it in the confines of the ferry and the supermarket once more. I shall be taking the second secret knitting mitt with me – not the best of ferry projects (as I found out with mitt #1) but I feel too guilty at the notion of knitting something else before completing my commitment. I shall give it a go.

Did I remember to say that the socks are finished? Can’t tell you how pleased I am about that!

I think the Olympics have started? I shall have to play dodge-the-television on the boat. Excitable sports commentators in my field of hearing tend to send me just a little bit nuts, and I am always more than a tad stir-crazy on the boat anyway. I shall be Mrs Grump.

Mrs Grump – in the corner, with her knitting and her ear plugs.

The pocket camera is coming along with me today. I confess to feeling quite excited about that and wondering just what I shall choose to snap, in pursuit of the Peedie Challenge. I should have arranged to meet up with Amanda and go shoot something together. It’s a grand day for it.

One of… well, the main reason for going to town today is that I have a parcel of good cheese on its way to me. We were most distressed when the short-sighted members of the OIC stopped the Continental Market from coming to Kirkwall, so we have arranged our own supply of tasty cheeses. They are not Continental, but English and from the South West. We are very much looking forward to sampling them. Today’s Odyssey is in pursuit of accompaniments for cheese: salad, cherry tomatoes, grapes, granary flour, celery, Leffe, apples… whatever I can find.

We have every digit crossed in hope of cheese delivery tomorrow a.m. In the current situation, we may expect photographs of cheese… if we can hold off scoffing it for long enough.

Speaking of parcels – those Knitpro Karbonz are still here and awaiting collection.  It is a crazy situation.

This weekend looks like being dedicated to photography and listing of eBay items. We spent last evening turning out the new “Railway Room” to make space for construction work to begin. This is something of a problem for me as much clutter has found its way back into the studio and we have a Soulka Weekend next week. I face a de-stuffing crisis.

Right. Must get ready for town, and be on time for the bus to collect me. There is so much else I would rather be doing.. with the Show entry deadline under a week away. I could be spinning skeins, or re-blocking my doily, or making a scarf or a hat or… writing envelopes and labelling things… taking photographs…

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