New KnitPro Accessories

We have been steadily adding to our stock of KnitPro knitting accessories and are now introducing Point Protectors, Row Counters and Sock Blockers to our ranges.

The point protectors come in three selections: as a pair of either large or small, and in a set of 4 with both sizes. Very affordable, at £1.50 and £2.

KnitPro may be a young and funky brand but they clearly know the value of a good old-fashioned tool, and so do we, so we jumped at these Row Counters:

Row Counters can be purchased singly as either small or large, or in a set with both sizes. Prices are £2 and £3.50.

After the knitting is done, comes blocking – and these sock blockers make the task of shaping your socks a breeze.

KnitPro Aqua Sock Blockers

KnitPro Aqua Sock Blockers

See the large central empty spaces? They allow the air to circulate so that your socks dry quickly and can be toasting your little knitter’s feet in no time at all. They come in three sizes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for shaping your socks to your feet. Made from completely rot-proof acrylic material, these should last you a lifetime.  Priced from £15 – £19.

We are happy to add these items to our existing utility tools and accessories. Here is a reminder of what we have for you:

Find all our Accessories here.

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