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I am a very lucky girl; I have not only a new camera but also new lenses. Along with the kit comes a host of new facilities and, well… toys. I have been playing – but not all day as we have been getting to grips with Ashford price increases (updating the site over the next 24-48 hrs) and that long-awaited KnitPro parcel.

The KnitPro stock has been checked and counted and the new products will be appearing on the site just as quickly as we can create the records in our database.

Want a sneak peak? I have been using the stock to practise some new skills with the remote capture software. Forgive me if I am not very good at it yet, but it’s only day 1 of a long learning curve. Steep? I could not possibly say!

Shawl Sticks: Dittany, Omega and Carina

Shawl Pins: Dittany, Omega and Carina

We have shawl pins, just a limited set, to see how they go. If they sell well, we shall stock a wider variety. We also have a couple of Shawl sticks in:

Shawls Sticks: Lily and Gladiolus

Shawls Sticks: Lily and Gladiolus

My particular favourites in the new delivery are the wee discs for labelling needle sizes.

Size discs - I really needed these!

Size discs – I really needed these!

I suspect that I shall be buying more than one set!

Tomorrow I will show you the new needle sets.


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