Not much to say

There hasn’t been much to blog about recently. The KnitPro order is still being tracked as at Aberdeen. Knitting remains dull, Weather remains generally lousy.

Positive notes:

  1. We have new Nosties in, this lot are made from Larch and are exceptionally light in weight.
  2. It is Gill’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Gill!
  3. The new exhaust arrived today so we should be mobile again soon
  4. Gill and I are both taking advantage of an apparent window in the weather to go to town on Friday. There will be the first fresh food in the house for weeks.

I shall be needing knitting for the ferry on Friday, there is nothing in the completion pile that  is both simple enough not to go wrong when chatting and also small enough to be carried around town all day. I have compared my stash to my Ravelry queue. Nothing obvious leaps to mind as a new project.

Any suggestions? I really cannot see me coping with all that white fluff on the boat. (It is making progress, the halfway point on the edging is definitely within sight. – Mind you, it has been thus for weeks.)


2 Responses to “Not much to say”

  1. Katie 7th February 2013 at 9:05 am #

    Well I’m awaiting the new Knit Pro order eagerly, the dog sat on my socks in progress last night and snapped my 2.75mm, but I’m holding on until the carbon needles get to you!

    • SandaySpinner 7th February 2013 at 9:43 am #

      Oh, Katie, what a disaster! There will be a short delay while we count stock and check it and do all the backroom stuff on the site. We have 2.75mm coming in 100cm long fixed circs, but not in DPNS (where we just went for trialling the half sizes) Assuming it is the circs that you want – Shall we send you a pair out as soon as they arrive? We know you are good for the payment. Just email me your postal address to save me time looking back for it.

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