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One of the several reasons that I do not sew is that there is an intrinsic requirement to use an iron. Now, ironing, I definitely do not “do” – never was there a task so throughly depressing and soul-destroying.

I can sew, if I have to. I do not enjoy the process. So, having taken down the very long curtains this morning, marked for chopping into two, I found myself contemplating the Wundaweb.

And I got the iron out.

Ironic – huh?

Anyway, I have elected to be strong. The curtains are cotton and I am likely to wash them on a hot wash, forgetting the use of Wundaweb. I think perhaps stitching may be the better course. I’m reserving judgement on that until I see how badly I do!

The iron was dusty and had a few strange stains, courtesy of our winter mice incursion to the airing cuboard. After a quick wipe, I felt reasonably confident about its use. I do recall having used it a couple of times in the years that we have been here (6.) However… could I persuade it to steam? The steam pump made not a murmur.

I conscripted Mr L, who passed his patented Engineer’s Gaze across the offending piece of kit, pressed the steam trigger and… click, click, click… off the steam pump went.


Well, the first curtain has the hemline marked and pressed. Now I must see if I can remember how to use the sewing machine.




Basic operation appears to be OK. Slightly bothered by the lack of a fabric guide. Tension not balanced. Need to refer to instruction book before progressing to second curtain.

First curtain is up and is rather unlovely. Will need doing again once I get the hang of this business. Especially as I seem to have forgotten that I marked for a double hem and only made a single one.

I hate this sewing machine. It’s much harder to use than my old one was and it is far slower. I used to be able to whizz along a seam on my old Brother. The Singer seems laboured by comparison.

Yes. I’ve had this machine for twelve years and this is the most sewing action it has yet seen. One curtain hem. I am a disgrace. I made a few lavender bags on it once. That is all.

I think I shall leave Curtain the Second until tomorrow.

I’ll knit for now.

I prefer it when I know what I am doing…

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