(Not quite) FO Friday

I have the FO, as promised. Yes, the cape is done (bar grafting the back edging). Alas, there is no FO post due to lack of space for photography. You see, there is a drum kit in my Studio and all is upheaval (don’t ask.) Maybe next week?

I am pleased that the cape is done. I am happy to move on. The High Seas beckon!

Knitting Group was fun yesterday – numbers were down and all the kids were sniffling and hacking but those that felt up to it did attend. We learned to Purl and made Stocking Stitch. Next time: ribbing.

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  1. LizH 2nd March 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    Woohoo! Well done on finishing the cape. Nothing like having the pressure of the end of the month.

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