Not what I had intended…

I am so not enjoying my current knitting. Do you know just how much I am not enjoying it? I cleaned the kitchen sink this morning, as a displacement activity. Then I cleaned the cat trays, to keep the displacement going.

Now, who in their right mind would prefer to clean cat trays rather than knit?

So, that is the measure of it.

However, it is a commitment and I am always a woman of my word —  and so I knuckled down after lunch.

Happily… I discovered that yesterday’s marathon of panic knitting had left my wrists too sore to knit ruffles today. That’s it. Nothing I can do about that.


Thus you find me engaged with Judith MacKenzie McCuin for a Master Class in The Gentle Art of Plying. A beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

You know what I like best about Judith’s videos? The way that she fills the viewer with confidence. She leaves me feeling that I am capable of doing anything at all that she shows me. Sadly, while I watched I was engaged with the worsted singles practice that seems to be going on forever (about 75% complete now). I wanted to leap up immediately and find something that I could make Turkish Knots with. I was certain my singles would look good treated in that way…

Hold me back, ladies. One step at a time.

I’ll write the video up shortly.

I think I would like to complete this second bobbin of singles this evening, if I can. I shall have to get back to the knitting tomorrow.


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