Nothing much

Not much to say today. I’m away to the ferry in a few minutes. I shall be taking the Rivington along for the ride and hoping very much to be on the Varagen, which makes knitting so much easier. Not back until after 7 pm today – we are on a 2 ferry operation, which means an additional excursion to Eday on the way back. A small inconvenience, but nothing to get my knickers in a twist about. It’s more knitting time, when all is said and done, and no chance of being asked to handle a paint roller.

I’m loving the new DPNs, by the way. I may only be using one of the 25 in the set, but it’s making my life a whole lot easier and the knitting more fun.

It’s our unofficial gooey weekend this weekend. We celebrate our 14th not-anniversary  (as in it’s an anniversary but not a wedding one – that’s on New Year’s Eve) and also 7 years since we arrived on Sanday.  Hence the trip to town. I am being dispatched in search of ingredients for a Dim Sum feast.

I’m not holding out a lot of hope, to be truthful, but I shall do my best with what Tesco can muster up.

See you later

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