Nothing to report

Just as I was congratulating myself on recovering from my bad back… I nipped in the shower yesterday morning and was sitting on the bed, getting dressed and chatting to Mr L, when I felt my back go into spasm. No reason. I wasn’t doing anything. I just felt the muscle draw in between my shoulder blades… and suddenly I could hardly breathe!

No Fair!

Anyway, very little got done yesterday. I just sat around feeling sorry for myself. In the evening we tackled a few puzzles while waiting for the Dr Who download to be available. I am enjoying The Labyrinth – the puzzles are well constructed and logical and quite sufficiently challenging for my little brain. We have solved 20 of the challenges, some of them twice… as the labyrinth sends us back on ourselves. The construction is really very clever and I like the way that alternative solutions yield a different path and other puzzles.

Well, it all gets in the way of the knitting. To be truthful, I haven’t felt like doing much recently. I really am at the point where I would normally begin a new project and I am fighting this instinct with  every fibre of my being.

I began the second chart repeat of High Seas yesterday and found myself short of a stitch. I am in the middle of tinking three rows and not feeling very well disposed toward the task. It appears that I am similarly ill-disposed to the icord on the Lara. Hexapuffs are making my hands hurt so I am resting from those. Nothing on the needles really appeals to me right now.

I want to spin, and my back won’t let me.

Ah, well, at least the 2nd set of CISRA puzzles comes out overnight. There will be something to do tomorrow, so long as we can make sense of them.

(PING! trundlebug – how are you getting on with them?)

Mr L finally went to see our GP on Friday, after many weeks of complaining about his health issues. He already feels better 🙂 Blood tests on Thursday morning and a trip to the hospital in Kirkwall are forthcoming. I am much relieved that he has now grasped his nettle.

What other good news… ah, yes, I have found a home for the iMac at long last. This pleases me greatly.

Also pleasing me were the pakora that I made yesterday. With onions, mushrooms and peas inside, and a nice freshly made raita and selection of chutneys – absolutely delicious. Mr L made the rice, chappatis and Prawn Pathia. I like Saturdays.

And now… I think I’ll make an attempt on a cake for Spinning on Tuesday. I’m making an apple cake for tea, so I’ll probably bung in a syrup-based cake, that will keep until mid-week, while the oven is on. It all depends on what is in the cupboard when I get to the kitchen. It may be experimentation time again. It has been a while since I ventured into town.

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  1. Liz H 1st October 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    Haven’t had a chance to look at the puzzles yet. Had a really busy work week combined with the rest of the family ill. I’ve downloaded the first two sets and we might have a chance to look at them tonight.

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