Oh, dear

Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh dear,  oh dear…

1 – the cardigan is still not completely finished. I got behind on Wednesday and then yesterday was a full and busy day. I still need to sew half the collar on. I’ll get there, I will.

2 – I did knit on my Vanessa sock yesterday – it went with me to Spinning group and then I did  a little more in the evening. It’s at the toe shaping stage. I tried it on to check where to begin the toe and… I don’t like it. Not at all. Not one bit. All the time that I have been knitting it, I have loved it. I love the sample in the book and I greatly admired the fabric on my own sock. When I tried it on however, it looked awful – ankles like tree trunks etc. Incorrect yarn choice, methinks. Though it looks great initially, it appears that a more stretchy yarn would sit better on the foot.

What to do? I can rip it out and reuse the yarn for something else (not a great plan, Lochan does not take well to frogging) , or I can plough ahead and hope that the sock suits some other foot (better for the yarn, and less disheartening). In my heart though, I just know that the yarn and pattern do not work well together. I need a 100% bouncy stretchy merino.

I could spit.

Gill brought the Ashford  e-spinner to group yesterday. I had my camera with me. I failed to take a photograph of the machine in action. It created a lot of interest but also much firm shaking of heads in the “not for me” way of things. All the same, I cannot wait to try it out myself and I do feel that I could whip through all that North Ron roving with it in no time at all. I was impressed, I have to say, by the quietness of the motor. Honestly, it is quieter than some manual wheels. Is manual the right word? What’s the word when it’s a foot that’s involved and not a hand? Is it Pedestrian 🙂


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