Ordering fun

Whoopee – we are definitely getting a Country Spinner 2 in as a teaching and hire machine. The order is going in today. I can’t wait to try my hand at some really chunky yarns. On a personal note, I am finally treating myself to a proper spinning chair in the same order. I expect my back to thank me for it; I have been spinning in my executive style office chair – it has arms and lacks a straight back, not at all suitable for the task so there is little wonder my back screams at me after a spinning session.

This changes my plans for the next few days. I must make some batts for some core spinning, ready for road testing the C2. I must also seek out some sub-standard fleece from my stores and felt me a seat pad for my lovely new chair. Of course, if I am to do that, I first need a heavy session of tidying in the utility room. Which way is the wind blowing this weekend?

How exciting!

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