So, we did the shopping yesterday and then went to the recycle point, with a plan for me to have a go in the land Rover on the way home. Mr L tootled off to the Post Office while I got on with the bottle bank. I bent forward slightly to pick up my first glass bomb and… ping!

Today I am sitting propped by a cushion, with a warm wheaty bag on my back and a tummy full of painkillers – a situation that theoretically should favour knitting but is actually offset by the pain-fogged brain.

I am trying to work on the Lara – and I have mixed feelings about this project. I am kind of enjoying it. I like the feel of the alpaca and, as I rarely knit with anything heavier than fingering, I am liking the rapidity with which the DK knits up. That’s all good –  but on the minus side is the inability to see what I am doing. The yarn is dark and fluffy and has little stitch definition. It is very difficult to see what I am doing and where I am in the pattern.

No matter. The balance is to the plus side for now and so I shall soldier on and aim for an early completion. Now that we have hit the Equinox and the season of cold wet wind is likely to be upon us, I may be in need of the hat.

I may get to the end of the first ball of yarn today. There are three in total.

The first lot of CISRA puzzles is out in the early hours. We are looking forward to getting stuck in tomorrow. I’d best make Lara progress while I can.

Umm… it was as I was typing “There are three in total.” that something jangled. I’ve just looked at the pattern page. I may have made a purchasing error… it says “Yardage 459 yards (420 m)” I have 393 yards.

It’s discontinued yarn too.

Now. Do I cut my losses and stop here? or do I hold my breath and soldier on? There is the possibility that the yardage given is for two full skeins, where the second was only partially used… I can’t make much sense of the Rav project notes… the yardages vary wildly. I mean WILDLY. But some give a yardage of around 250… you never know. Certainly the first ball is going a long way.


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