Papa Wheel

We built the Country Spinner 2 this afternoon. When I say “we” it was mostly Gill – whilst I impeded her progress with my request for camera angles. It took around an hour and a half and I shall be documenting the process on the blog soon – we thought it might be useful for the more nervous potential spinner to see just how easy it is to knock up a spinning wheel in the odd free moment…

When we were done, we decided that we needed a comparison shot with the Traveller, to show that the Country is not really all that large. Then we thought it would be a good idea to add the wee E-spinner in too. So now I am imagining the wheels as Papa Wheel, Mama Wheel, and Little Baby Wheel.

Please avert your gaze from the state of my workroom.

Three wheel family

Three wheel family

The Country bobbin is ginormous. The Traveller has a standard flyer and bobbin on, and the E-spinner has the Jumbo bobbin as provided at purchase.

I am feeling a little bit rubbish today so the blog post won’t come along this evening. I’m heading for a hot soak and an early night. It has been an odd sort of a day, with much activity but little achievement. That situation has not been helped by my recent introduction to DigitalRev – not just the source of my new camera but also a social site for photographers.  I have been uploading images and making new contacts.

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