Pets, who’d ‘ave ’em, eh?

Treacle decided to scare the wits out of us by taking ill over the weekend and this resulted in an entirely unscheduled trip to Kirkwall yesterday, to visit the vet. Luckily, Jennifer was also vet-ward bound and she offered us a lift in her car, which made the very long day in town a whole lot easier to manage than it otherwise would have been. I am indebted to her.

Predictably, I woke with a migraine today and so I am taking things easy – though there is so much to be done that I scarcely know how or where to start and how it’s all going to be done  in time. However… “one day at a time” and today is for easing myself slowly around the house and trying not to fall over or to walk into things. All the same, I have been a big brave girl and begun to tidy the studio ready for this weekend’s opening. Things had deteriorated a great deal, what with Jennifer’s carding efforts and Jo’s spinning instruction. I definitely need a larger space!

There was yarn in the mail, from Texere, and I might just play with that this afternoon.

As for poor Treacle, the vet declares a lack of diagnosis, though various problems have been eliminated from her enquiries. His symptoms are “typical of an acute insult to the body” – so either a stroke or more likely the opinion that I went in with –  poisoning.

You see, our old car was sitting outside, gently rotting. The starlings were nesting in the engine and Treacle loved to sit under the car and wait to pounce. He has come in on more than one occasion, smelling of diesel. We had no idea that he could poison himself.

The car was taken for scrap at the weekend and the evidence is there to be seen – it had been leaking fuel. Cats can suffer from diesel poisoning – it makes them appear drunk, which is just how he has been.. staggering and falling over and unable to focus his eyes.

The good news is – his blood work shows no organ damage and he is improving as quickly as he went down hill. Phew.

I am only blogging this in a fibre blog because, well, I know many of you have cats of your own and you too may  be unaware of the dangers.  I know well enough how much cats love cars and the hiding places that they offer a felonious feline, but if there’s any possibility of a leak – keep the cats away.

Right! We’d best have some fibre content:

Spinning – I’m on the final quarter of the brown sliver, and looking to ply before the Tour de Fleece begins. This means that I had better get a skate on – time is short.

Knitting – I made good headway on Mr L’s sock on the ferry yesterday and am almost ready to shape the toe. With everything else that is going on, I suspect he will not have the pair to go away with, but I’m doing the best that I can.


Yarn – this is the yarn that just arrived. It is for trying out a hat pattern on the cheap – Texere have a sale of discontinued yarns going on just now. If my head remains troublesome this afternoon, I may have a whole hat by end of play.


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