Despite the day’s generally chaotic nature, I did actually knit a few rounds on my mitten yesterday. Not many, and the thumb gusset is still a way off.

The bus was collecting me at 9:30 and Mr L’s plane was leaving at 9-ish. I had the dogs to settle and so it seemed best if Mr L drove himself to the airfield. Off he went.

The re-scheduuled ferry was due in at 10:05 and supposed to leave at 10:20. When the bus arrived at Loth there was no sign of the boat. Oh-oh. We eventually left about 20 minutes late. Then we seemed to be an age at Eday.

I looked at the day’s new puzzles and made some notes.

Not long after leaving Eday, somebody’s mobile rang. It was a ring tone like an old fashioned bell phone. Rather like the one that I have set on the bat phone. Very like it in fact. Isn’t it strange how the direction of the ring always seems to be other than it really is? I was probably in denial. Other folks use mobiles, not me. Nobody ever calls me... I don’t want them to!

It was Mr L. He was ready to leave and where was I? Um… on the boat. It seems that as he had arrived very early due to flying over, and the first appointment of the day had cancelled, he was up first. He’d been sedated, examined, and hung out to dry already.

I put my puzzles away and got my knitting out until we reached Kirkwall.

The boat  got in at 12:30, 25  minutes late, and it was ages before we could get off as the Stronsay folks had to back off. My little legs were going like pistons on the way up to the hospital, where I eventually arrived flustered and uttering profuse apologies.

Mr L’s diagnosis was not good, but it might have been a whole lot worse. He has medications and a new hospital appointment in a month, when he will get the results of the biopsy that was taken. In two week’s time he has to see our GP. In brief – we have a diagnosis but the prognosis will rest on the cause, which is not yet known.

We took one of his scrips to the pharmacy, and went for lunch while the scrip was being filled. Lunch had been a focus for us. We never have time in town to sit down and eat a good meal together, and this was to be a real treat after 48 hours without food. We went to the Italian restaurant, which I had heard good things about.

It wasn’t good. Not in the least. Nor was it dire. It was mediocre. Worse than that, it was expensively mediocre. Consequently it was a great let down. I will not be going back.

What a disappointment. I think it must be three years or so since we last dined out (on anything other than fish and chips.) We had hoped for something… nice.

We puzzled all the way home and arrived at something that we knew could not be the answer, though I tested it when we got home. We have been caught out like that before, losing several days thinking that the answer that we had was simply a stage on the road to an answer. Anyway, that something was not the answer but an inspired piece of guesswork was. I shall never know how the answer was supposed to be arrived at.

We spent the rest of the evening going round in rings on another puzzle.

None of this helps the knitting along!

I have to go – I’m making a pork roast with braised red cabbage to make up for yesterday’s disappointing meal. New potatoes, mashed parsnips. Cider gravy. Scrummy, scrummy. It will be hot and fresh and cooked to perfection.


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